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    Mark Coons

    Hi all, Curious as to whether the trout are spawning yet or if they are done?

    Thank, Mark


    I missed this comment. I’m not sure if the fish are done spawning. But, I just wanted to say I saw a lot of spawning beds at the gorge in certain areas about 2 weeks ago.


    From Bill A

    “The browns have completed their spawning, at least in the j they have. Now we can fish so long as we are careful where we wade. Remember the trout eggs are in the gravel and can be easily disturbed or crushed. Stay out of obvious redds (they are still light colored from the hens work). While we had a long hot summer and a low water fall, the browns seem to have managed well and baring a rough high water event this winter, there should be a good hatch of new trout in April.”

    Mark Coons

    Thank you everyone. I had a friend coming up to fish and advised him to watch for them. Just wanted to be sure I didn’t give him bad info.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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