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November Meeting

November Meeting

The November meeting will be held on Thursday Nov 10th at 7PM at the Edgewater Inn. Come early or stay afterwards for dinner and drinks with your fellow members. Progress on and amendment of our future goals will be discussed. Our guest speaker will be Matt Shank of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.  Matt will present recent research on invasive species in the waters of Pennsylvania. Our streams are threatened with Didymo, mud snails, hydrilla, rusty crayfish and others.

September Meeting

September Meeting

The LJRA met Thursday, September 8th at the Edgewater Inn.  Mike Grim, President/CEO of American Eagle Paper Co. Tyrone, was our guest. The paper mill is the largest consumer of spring water in the watershed. Mike discussed the technological advances at AE that has led to a ~440% reduction in water usage, including eliminating the need to spray heated water into the Bald Eagle. This, and other initiatives (see above) have made the paper mill more environmentally friendly. 

September minutes

August LJRA meeting

August Meeting

LJRA will meet August 11th at the Edgewater Inn at 7 pm. Come early and enjoy dinner (from the menu) with some of our leadership team or stay after for conversations and tale telling over a beer. Members and friends on our email list will soon receive a notice of the agenda which will include an update on achievement of LJRA 2016-2017 goals.

Meeting minutes

LJRA Meeting Thursday, June 9th

The Little Juniata River Association will hold its monthly meeting on June 9th at the Edgewater Acres , 7 PM.  Come early for dinner and or stay after for drinks and yarn telling.  This month’s agenda includes an update on the trout telemetry study. Several trout have reappeared after being “gone” since last fall! We will also review current projects status.



The Directors of the LJRA Announce New Goals for 2016

1 .Continue improving the water quality and trout habitat of the upper river to extend greater protections to the entire river and increase recreational opportunities throughout the watershed.
2. Identify additional opportunities to increase public access through easement programs and landowner cooperation
3. Educate municipalities and businesses on best practices to protect the Little Juniata and its tributaries.
4. Increase membership and member participation among fishers, boaters, hikers, conservationists and naturalists

March meeting

The next LJRA meeting will be held Thursday March 10th at 7PM at the Edgewater Inn. Come early and have dinner and a drink with other members or stay afterwards for fellowship and fish stories. The main agenda item will be the upcoming clean up. Election of officers will be held. Nominations will be accepted. Time permitting, the future goals and action items of the LJRA will be discussed.
If you are interested in participating in the clean up or serve as a group leader be sure to attend.
Reminder: during the winter months the meeting will be held on the second thursday of the month.

February meeting highlights-montioring the upper J


Jim Eckenrode from the Blair County Conservation District presented the plans for monitoring important stream parameters such as temperature, turbidity, pH and conductivity along the upper J at the February meeting held Thursday the 11th. The data will be important for monitoring the health of the river and making a case for HQCW designation in the upper J. During the winter months the meetings of the LJRA will be held the second Thursday of the month at 7PM.

LJRA meeting Thursday, April 9th, 7PM, Edgewater Acres near Alexandria.

LJRA meeting Thursday, April 9th, 7PM, Edgewater Acres near Alexandria.

Our speaker this month will be Tobias Nagle from the Altoona Water Authority. The AWA controls five reservoirs and their outlet streams in the headwaters of the “j”. Tobias will present a study of flows and water temps from these reservoirs. Other business will include a recap of our recent cleanup. And a forecast for spring hatches.