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  1. Hi , my name is Steve Nelson. I just joined the association as an annual member and would like to know if I can upgrade to lifetime member and put this years membership towards that. Thanks for the good work, Steve

  2. Steve, Yes…our policy is that any annual member in good standing can upgrade to a life membership by donating the additional amount of $75. Just click on “donate” on this website and pay using PayPal or credit card. Or you can send anote and a check to:
    326 Hobbit Hollow Road
    Altoona, Pa. 16601

  3. My brother and I were members of the LJRA a few years ago. Because of our work / schedules it’s been difficult to get to meetings etc. This year we want to contribute at the river clean up. I have a truck with a 6 foot bed that I’ll bring, so put us to work wherever we’re needed.

    Thanks for your work.

  4. Fantastic Jeff. We need pick up trucks (open bed preferred). I forwarded your message to Bill. Unless he tells you otherwise, please report to the Spruce Creek church at 8:45. See you there.

  5. Are there any primitive camping areas near LJR?

    Is LJR fly fishing only or can you use normal tackle as well?

  6. The LJR is all tackle. Most of our members are FF, but there are members that use artificial lures and a few that actively fish live bait. The previous website’s forum had a section of spin fishing. it didn’t get much activity. Anyone wanting to revive this is welcome to register for the forum and start discussions.

    Primitive camping. I have seen people camp in the Rothrock Gorge area (Baree section of the lower river). There are some regulations that can be found on the internet. This would be your best bet because the rest of the land around the LJRA is mostly private and/or not amenable to camping.

  7. Looking to put together a FF trip for 5 – 6 women in July to fish the Juniata. Any ideas on lodging and guide service? Float/walk/wade?

  8. Hi Kat,
    I know the most about the edgewater inn in alexandria. I know of a few who have stayed there and we hold our yearly banquet there. All positive feedback. It’s 5 minutes from the baree section of the lower J. A link to the inn is found on our corporate sponsors page.
    Guides: never used them. There is only one I have information about: Juniata troutfitters (also a sponsor).

    I recommend posting the same questions on our forum. Members may have more information that I do.

    In the month of july the waters will probably be too low to float the J easily, but this also means wading is easy.

    July is slow for hatches. However, I still catch a lot of fish. Your guides will make recommendations, but if you tie your own be sure to have plenty of wet black ants.

  9. Hi, I saw on your Facebook that someone from LJRA posted “The middle river (Road Springs to Pemberton Quarry) is always cool and fishable.” I do not have facebook so could not respond. I was wondering where this is located. I’m from Indiana County and make it to the little J a few times a year but I’m not overly familiar with all of the in’s and out’s. Could someone give me some sort of direction and what the water is like there? Is it part of the Little J or a feeder stream? I do most of my fishing near Alexandria, Barree, and just up from Spruce Creek at the Morris TWP line. Thanks in advance !

  10. Eric,
    I strongly advise against fishing right at the road springs. Trout hold in that very cool water and when spooked (or caught) often bolt right upstream into very warm water. The closest easy access point down stream where the temperatures steady due to mixing is an unmarked pull off on rt453 labeled as babe rd on google maps. Another access point is just downstream- limestone rd. This is where the “Y” is located and the road ends at a barricade.
    Water will be cool down to the pemberton bridge. Much further downstream from this the temps can get iffy and extreme care should be used. 66 at 8AM will translates to above 70 by the afternoon. Fish take hours, not minutes to recover for warm water stress. Catching trout at 68 and having them recover at 73 isn’t a great idea.
    You should know that along river road between shovel works rd and the yellow house is now posted. The landowner was tired of her signs being damaged/vandalized. The LJRA is working to restore access by communicating with the landowner. We hope this will be temporary. You can see a post on the website about landowner relations.

  11. Are copies of Bill’s book currently available ? … if so I would like to order one (I found the link on this website).

  12. Hello, Was curious as to whether the fish have started to spawn yet, or if they are done. A fella I know wants to fish Thurs. and Friday and don’t want to disturb them.

    Thanks, Mark

  13. I owe Bill money for his book-please send address where I can send him a check. I also need to know the amount due. I cannot find my little J brochure to join, but would like to donate to support the hard work you are doing to restore the river.

  14. Hi–

    I was interested in two possible trips–first as a trial for the second. I have a large open canoe I want to paddle alone. I have a lot of flat-water lake experience, but not much in rivers.

    Interested in a short trip as a test–from Tyrone to Birmingham…I think I can walk that back in about an hour and a half to collect my car. Any thoughts on hazards there? Is there any good place to take a boat out in Birmingham area? Absent anything obvious, I will look for a bridge to avoid private land as much as I can. I want to haul out the boat and put it on a trailer, once I get my car in Tyrone.

    Saw that the flow gages are showing neighborhood of 280ft^3/sec, so seems like possible if I am not to fussy about a drag here or there.

    Second would be longer–Tyrone to Huntingdon. I am aware of the dam. But there are some noted “danger” spots on a nice map–but they have no deep detail:

  15. Does the association know of a detailed Map that is available of the entire river ? In Bill’s book he mentions names of roads, areas , springs and bridges but unless your a local it’s difficult to reference where they are ? I have visited and fished the little J a dozen times and have built some knowledge but I would like to expand on it. I believe a good detailed map could assist in that effort.

  16. Do you have a date scheduled for the Kelso Run Brook trout habitat improvement project?

  17. Dave,
    If a life member, Bill will take you to see the major landmarks. Of course google maps is a great resource, but the common names- such as the junk yard pool or bus pool would not appear.
    Local members would be happy to point these landmarks out on maps at the monthly meetings

  18. Robert,
    The first float- there are no dangers, but you might have to drag the canoe through some low spots. There are places to remove the canoe right at the ironville road bridge just upstream of tyrone milling. There is a gravel parking area on the upstream side of the bridge

  19. Precise date, no. But it will be the week of Sept 11th. Check the website later in the summer

  20. If you are a Little Juniata River Association Life Member and you want a guided tour of the river with our President, Bill Anderson, contact Bill at Mid-summer is an excellent time to tour and see the many projects completed in the watershed and to learn about places to access the river.

  21. dear Jim,
    Sorry, I just saw this. There is a handicap accessible ramp and parking on the lower J. It’s located along Barree Rd between Petersburg and Greenehills campground. The LJRA conducted maintenance on it about a year ago. It’s a nice stretch to fish.

  22. I’m a 1st year LJRA member. I’ve had a hard time making the meetings with 2 young boys under the age of 4. Any chance these meetings could be posted on facebook live or recorded to watch later. Lots of great info I hate to be missing because I cant be there in person.

  23. Hi Bill,
    Just saw a FB post of posting at both ends of what they called Linestone Road. Can you tell us what is up with this?

  24. Hi, I’m relatively new to the Central PA Region. My son and I are looking for a multi-day kayaking trip and I was thinking we could put-in in Tyrone and meet the rest of the family at Raystown Lake a few days later for weekend camping and playing. Is it navigable the entire way? What advice would you give us?

  25. Hi I’m actually contacting you guys as far as a bit of a concern and a bit of frustration regarding a pretty large stretch of river down past the grier school that has been at least for myself recently discovered as a no fish zone by new enterprise?…Do you have any information on this and why it’s posted because it’s a beautiful stretch of water and I’ve had countless awesome days of trout fishing along that stretch. Anyone who knows where I’m talking about knows it’s loaded with them. Thank you.

  26. I guess I need to register as a new life member, so how to do this? I have been fishing the Little J since about 1982 or so, and have some good stories about landowners, good hearted folks, including the Lady that lives in the yellow house, I hope to fish there till I die. KK

  27. joseph, scroll down on the website, might be on page 2. Information on the closure is there. The LJRA’s efforts to get it open are ongoing.

  28. If you submitted your payment as a life member on the site through paypal, drop Bill an email with the date that you submitted it to confirm your name was recorded.
    If you would like to register for the forum, send an email to Provide a username you would like for the account.

  29. Hi Bill,
    I’ve been fishing the Little J about three to four times a year for the last 10 years and really appreciate your and the LJRA efforts to sustain and improve it as a clean, cold water fishery. I also enjoyed reading your book about the river which you signed for me a year ago at the Valley Forge TU dinner at the Edgewater near the end of April. Last Month on April 20 just before our dinner there this year, I gave you my check and an application for membership. Just as I did that I got called away on another item and I may not have explained well what was in the envelope. If you still have the check and application let me know. If it got lost, I will cancel the old one and write it again.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Rich Bauer

  30. Hi. I’m from Philly but have occasionally fished the LJ but now that I’m getting closer to retirement, I’d like to spend more time out that way. Given that, I’d like to become a life member but also noticed something called a platinum membership. Is that for individuals and if so, is it also a life membership?


  31. Bill, is there any update on access on the property owned by the stone quarry ? I saw the gate is down and didn,t see any posted signs when I drove by.

  32. Barry,
    The process is ongoing and we hope to have a resolution soon.
    Someone, not NESL, destroyed the barrier which had the posted signs on it. As of now, trespassing is not allowed. It is important people respect the landowners wishes when we are in the process of negotiating access agreements.

  33. All Comments must relate to the Little Juniata River or it’s tributaries. Any that are unrelated in the judgement of the administrators will be deleted.

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