LJRA River Bank Clean-up 2016

Mark your calendar….April 9th, 2016.  We will meet at 9 AM at the Spruce Creek United Methodist Church. Just where warm clothes and sturdy footwear. We will furnish bags, gloves, safety vests, water and snacks. If you want to clean areas of the river upstream from Tyrone, go to the New Pig Plant near Blands Park. Both locations will serve lunch to all participants afterward. If you have a group (scouts, church, office, etc.) email bjuniata@verizon.net or call Bill A. at 814 684 5922.


Join the Little Juniata River Association

We encourage all those who love this wonderful river, its wild brown trout, stone trestles and wildlife to join the LJRA. Each new member will be offered a tour of the headwaters, access points and LJRA river improvement projects.  Join on this website, or email us at bjuniata@verizon.net.  Or, better yet,  come to a LJRA meeting. Next meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 11th at he Edgewater Inn, 7 PM.

September meeting LJRA

This beauty is doing fine with his transmitter.
This beauty is doing fine with his transmitter.

Join us at the Edgewater Inn at 7PM. On Tuesday evening 9/8. Status report on the Trout Study. Plus updates on current LJRA projects. CXome early for dinner and stay late for drinks and fish tales.

LJRA Meeting June 9th

The Little Juniata river Association will hold a meeting at the Edgewater Inn and Riverside Grill on  Tuesday, June the 9th at 7PM. The Brown Trout Telemetry study will be reported on including movements of the 24 trout tagged with locator transmitters so far. Members and other interested parties are invited. Drinks and conversation afterwards in the Riverside Bar and Grill.

Bill Anderson

(I will bring a few copies of my book for those who have been asking).

Brown trout Telemetry study

The Little Juniata River Association and Juniata College have launched a program to determine where the wild trout on our river spend their time. The plan is for LJRA members  to capture mature wild brown trout with hook and line. Then we surgically insert a small transmitter that gives off a signal that is detectable for up to 1/2 mile. Thus far 11 transmitters have been activated. A total of 24 transmitters will be followed for approximately 14 months. We will follow the trout as they flee the warm water of mid summer to see where they find refuge. We will also follow these mature trout as they spawn next fall. The knowledge gained will allow the LJRA to direct future fish habitat projects to those areas of the river used most by our brownies.


LJRA meeting Thursday, April 9th, 7PM, Edgewater Acres near Alexandria.

LJRA meeting Thursday, April 9th, 7PM, Edgewater Acres near Alexandria.

Our speaker this month will be Tobias Nagle from the Altoona Water Authority. The AWA controls five reservoirs and their outlet streams in the headwaters of the “j”. Tobias will present a study of flows and water temps from these reservoirs. Other business will include a recap of our recent cleanup. And a forecast for spring hatches.


Our mission is to: “Monitor, Preserve and Improve the Little Juniata River and its tributaries as cold water resources”.