February meeting of Little Juniata River Association

We will meet at 7:30 pm in the Tyrone Library on Tuesday night, February 11th. Agenda : Spring riverbank clean-up April 5th. Nominations for Director 2014 project discussion Sandy Run status Treasurers report Fishing/ boating reports Other Drinks at Bull Pen after meeting.

LJRA November 2013 minutes/report

Meeting of Little Juniata River Association November 12, 2013 Tyrone Public Library, 7:30 p.m.   Fourteen people were present including members, directors and guests. They assembled to hear a presentation by Dr. Hanna Stout regarding her efforts to reintroduce Green Drake mayflies to Spring Creek..   Several potential new LJRA members attended including Troy Duprey, […]

LJRA monthly meeting

There will be no LJRA meeting in December or January. Monthly meetings will resume in February. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meeting of LJRA held September 10, 2013. Tyrone Public Library. Meeting began at 7:30 p.m. Introductions. Fourteen Members and Guests were present. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Charlie Hoyer, reviewed the deposits and expenditures with regard to the General Checking Account. […]

Black Kats uncovered!

Those who read this forum are aware of my pattern that I call “Bill’s Black Kat” (see story of my discovery on the LJRA FORUM). Several years ago I discovered that this very large caterpillar falls into the “j” from the tree canopy throughout the watershed and the “j” trout eat them…big time! While I spent […]

The Definition of Entomology

Entomology (from Greek , entomos, “”that which is cut in pieces  or engraved/segmented””, hence “”insect””; and  logia[1]) is the  scientific study of insects, a branch of arthropodology. At some 1.3 million described species, insects account for more than  two-thirds of all known organisms,[2] date back some 400 million years,  and have many kinds of interactions […]

Hatch Charts September

Little White May Fly #28 – A White  Fly #16,14  – E Black  Winged Olive #24 – A Slate Drake #12 – A Winged Ant #8,20,22  (red and black) -A Tan Caddis #16, 18 – A Black  Kats #4,6  – A (before  frost) Chocolate Ants #22,24

Hatch Charts July – August

Trico #22, 24 – A Little White May  Fly #28 – L Tiny Sulphur #18,20    -  L Black Winged Olive #24   – A Slate Drake #12,10 – E Cream Caddis #16, 18 A Tan Caddis #16,18 – A Black Kats – #4,6 long shanked – M,L Potomanthus #10,12 M,L