The LJRA Board of directors will hold their bi-annual board meeting  in October to review goals and progress. The next LJRA members meeting will be Thursday, 7 PM , Nov. 10t at the Edgewater Inn near Alexandria

September Meeting

September Meeting

The LJRA will meet Thursday, September 8th at the Edgewater Inn,  7 PM. Come early and have dinner or a drink. We hope to have Mike Grim, President/CEO of American Eagle Paper Co. Tyrone as our guest. The paper mill is the largest consumer of spring water in the watershed. Mike will discuss AE’s efforts to make the paper mill more environmentally friendly.

August LJRA meeting

August Meeting

LJRA will meet August 11th at the Edgewater Inn at 7 pm. Come early and enjoy dinner (from the menu) with some of our leadership team or stay after for conversations and tale telling over a beer. Members and friends on our email list will soon receive a notice of the agenda which will include an update on achievement of LJRA 2016-2017 goals.

Meeting minutes

Bass flies

Fly of month- Bass flies

bass flies

With the extremely low water conditions and a non-stop heat wave in place (we have 7 more days of temps in the high 80s to mid 90s coming!), it is appropriate that the fly of the month be something used to catch bass. I recently went back to fishing for bass and its  good way to get your fly fishing fix while protecting the resource. The Upper Juanita and Raystown branch are  great places to start and fishing can be done with a 6wt. No need to tie many exotic flies or buy new materials. Heavily hackled wollybuggers and other streamers  are quite effective. Give it a shot and give our trout a rest! Visit the fly of the month page for a materials list. If you have a favorite bass fly please consider submitting the pattern for publication on the site!

Water temperatures


The end of June through August is a tough time for our trout.  Water levels are incredibly low and the temperature on the upper J exceeded  83 degrees yesterday! (July 14)  upstream of Tyrone. It’s going to at or near 90s for the next 6 days. This is upstream of the springs but this water mixes with the springs and warms the water throughout the river. Regular updates on water temperatures and conditions are important for the trout as well as your fellow anglers deciding whether or not to travel to the area. Share your observations and current conditions in the forum. Better yet, leave the trout alone!

Respect the landowner!

The Little Juniata River is 32 miles in length. It starts in the city limits of Altoona with the confluence of Spring Run and Kettle Creek, flows north to Tyrone, then east to the confluence near Alexandria. Of these miles,. All but a few miles,including Rothrock state forest, are privately owned. (LJRA has secured 4 miles of permanent public access on prime water by paying landowners for easements). Keeping good relations with these private landowners is a major priority for LJRA as it should be for all who wish to have access to this resource. Please respect the landowners rights ! If you see someone damaging signs or dumping trash, take down the license plate and report them immediately to law enforcement. Or report them to the LJRA leadership (we’ll take it to the Water Conservation Officer for prosecution). If you see a violation call 911 or 814 684 5922

Electroshocking survey on the upper J

Wild trout survey on the upper river yields encouraging results

PAFBC electroshocking
PAFBC electroshocking

We are pleased that Kris Kuhn, Fisheries Manager for the south central district, and his PFBC crew  electroshock surveyed two 300 meter stretches of the upper J between Bellwood and Tyrone (upstream from the DHALO) on June 10th. Large numbers of brown trout were found at both both locations. (During the survey they captured one of our telemetry study fish -see picture below).

Observers, including  LJRA officers, are hopeful that, once the results are totaled, more than a Class A population will have been found at both locations. Being declared a wild Class A fishery is a requirement for gaining high quality cold water (HQCW) Designated Use and the added protection that follows this designation by PADEP. Adding this very significant section of the upper J to HQCW designated use list is one big step forward towards meeting the LJRA  goal of obtaining HQCW designation for the entire river.

42.5 cm brown
A 42.5 centimeter telemetry study brown captured during the survey. He looked to be in fine shape. There was no sign of the sutured wound for the transmitter, however the antenna exit point was reddened for a small area around it (you can see it in the close up).

These observations,  together with the increasing presence of pollution intolerant mayflies and stoneflies throughout the river, are very exciting developments indeed!

LJRA Meeting Thursday, June 9th

The Little Juniata River Association will hold its monthly meeting on June 9th at the Edgewater Acres , 7 PM.  Come early for dinner and or stay after for drinks and yarn telling.  This month’s agenda includes an update on the trout telemetry study. Several trout have reappeared after being “gone” since last fall! We will also review current projects status.


Our mission is to: “Monitor, Preserve and Improve the Little Juniata River and its tributaries as cold water resources”.