LJRA Meeting June 9th

The Little Juniata river Association will hold a meeting at the Edgewater Inn and Riverside Grill on  Tuesday, June the 9th at 7PM. The Brown Trout Telemetry study will be reported on including movements of the 24 trout tagged with locator transmitters so far. Members and other interested parties are invited. Drinks and conversation afterwards in the Riverside Bar and Grill.

Bill Anderson

(I will bring a few copies of my book for those who have been asking).

Brown trout Telemetry study

The Little Juniata River Association and Juniata College have launched a program to determine where the wild trout on our river spend their time. The plan is for LJRA members  to capture mature wild brown trout with hook and line. Then we surgically insert a small transmitter that gives off a signal that is detectable for up to 1/2 mile. Thus far 11 transmitters have been activated. A total of 24 transmitters will be followed for approximately 14 months. We will follow the trout as they flee the warm water of mid summer to see where they find refuge. We will also follow these mature trout as they spawn next fall. The knowledge gained will allow the LJRA to direct future fish habitat projects to those areas of the river used most by our brownies.


LJRA meeting Thursday, April 9th, 7PM, Edgewater Acres near Alexandria.

LJRA meeting Thursday, April 9th, 7PM, Edgewater Acres near Alexandria.

Our speaker this month will be Tobias Nagle from the Altoona Water Authority. The AWA controls five reservoirs and their outlet streams in the headwaters of the “j”. Tobias will present a study of flows and water temps from these reservoirs. Other business will include a recap of our recent cleanup. And a forecast for spring hatches.


River cam in place on Little J

As of Feb. 13th we have the capability to monitor the conditions on the river via a camera. The river cam is located at the Greene Hill Campground on the river bank below Barree. It is managed by LJRA Life Member, Beth Teeter, camp host.   For the time being, this camera is being updated every 10 minutes. Just click on the Rivercam menu button on this website to see the latest shot.



Little Juniata River Association Meeting Feb. 11th

LJRA will hold its February meeting , 7 PM, Wednesday the 11th. at the Edgewater Inn and Riverside Grill.


Dennis Johnson (Juniata College) will bring us the status of our Telemetric trout behavior study, scheduled for this spring.

Lenny Lichvar, PFBC Commissioner who represents our area will join us and speak to the recent changes in DHALO and Class A wild trout stream stocking.

Organization kick-off for the LJRA Spring River Bank Clean-up. Those willing to act as group leaders should attend.

New book about Little j

I have received a good quantity of the first edition of “Trout Boomer and The Little J”. It includes: Hatches, stretches, my patterns and LJRA history. You can buy it on-line at www.troutboomer.com. Orders placed on this website come directly to me and I will autograph and/or personalize your copy as you wish. It is a hardback with numerous color photos and pictures (mostly taken on the “j”).

Bill Anderson

New posts

I see that a number of the formerly active Forum members have been reregistered, but few have posted or responded to a post. Please do us a favor and post something (or respond to a post). Then let me know if you encounter a difficulty…. If you fail in your attempt, email me bjuniata@Verizon.net.



Merry Christmas to all those who love the river!

The Little Juniata River Association wishes you a very merry Christmas! Please join us for the annual members banquet at the Edgewater Inn on January 16th. email Bill at bjuniata @Verizon.net for details (there are plenty of seats).  The banquet is a great place to make contacts and meet dozens of others who fish and enjoy the river and it’s trout.


Trout Boomer and The Little “j” – summary

Book Summary

“Trout Boomer” – The making of a fly fisher and his love affair with the Little Juniata River – Bill Anderson

In this two part book, a retired executive relates with short, often humorous tales of his boyhood, how he became a fly fisherman and the defender of the Little Juniata River in Central Pennsylvania. The “Trout Boomer”, son of a WWII sergeant and a country girl from Arkansas, brings us back to our youth as he tells of BB guns, hand lines, catching carp, a rooster named “Buster”, and early fishing adventures. Readers, especially fellow Boomers, will relate to little Billy as he negotiates his way through a succession of city neighborhoods, trades a Louisville Slugger for his first fly rod, and finds fishing in the Brandywine River as his refuge from city streets.

In part II, Bill shares his intimate knowledge of the history, the watershed,  and the  fly hatches of the “j” (Little Juniata). Having had a successful career in industry,  Bill retired to open a fly shop; became president of the Little Juniata River Association and, now, dedicates his time to  fly fishing and defending this wonderful and frequently overlooked eastern, brown trout stream. With more than 35 years living near and fishing the “j”, Bill has developed his own unique fly patterns and fishing techniques for this small river. He shares these in graphic color detail.

The “j” has 14 miles of Catch and Release water and another 16 miles that deserve special regulations (Bill’s working on it). The river flows from the city of Altoona and, unlike most trout streams, gets colder and better as it grows bigger. The reason for the coldness lies in the large limestone springs that enter the flow, as the stream turns East in the small mountain town of Tyrone. Bill knows the “j” like no one else. He has waded, fished and fallen into every part of it for almost four decades.

While Trout Boomer is a “must have” for any fly fisher who fishes, or plans to fish, the Little Juniata, it is much more than a “where to, how to” fishing book. Bill provides insights into why many of us are passionate about fly fishing and gives us a good natured glimpse into the life of a boy growing up in post- war America.

order at :  Troutboomer.com

Our mission is to: “Monitor, Preserve and Improve the Little Juniata River and its tributaries as cold water resources”.